Methods-for-Real-time-Compliance-and-Policy-AdoptionOne of the biggest trends of the digital age across industries is the growing complexity of regulation. Whether the topic is online privacy, harassment, record retention, sanctions compliance, antitrust, anti-money-laundering, or a host of other areas – organizations must continually revise policies and educate their users to understand the relevant laws and policies, so they can make the right decisions day to day.

Regardless of how brilliant your organization’s ideas, how innovative its technology, or how solid its business plan – this regulatory compliance trend can determine the eventual success or failure of your organization all by itself. This is a challenge that some organizations navigate more successfully than others.

How effective is your compliance training program?

How confident are you that your organization is doing all it can to ensure your employees can make the right decisions every day?

Your answer matters – a lot.

To effectively minimize poor employee decisions that lead to regulatory problems, some organizations are looking for ways to supplement or even replace traditional, formal compliance training programs. They're looking for more ubiquitous and real-time methods, such as context driven help, to make both technology and policy adoptable.

Join us to see how strategies and lessons learned, can help you with your policy adoption efforts and challenges.

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