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Author: Asif Rehmani, Microsoft MVP since 2007
Book length: 56 pages

In this essential guide to digital adoption success, learn simple steps you can take to help your employees discover, master and actually use your application within your organization.


  1. Clarify your business objectives
  2. Create a long term change management plan
  3. Build a team of influencers
  4. Deploy an awareness and anticipation campaign
  5. Design an incentive program
  6. Develop friction free governance policies
  7. Simplify tools, processes and workflows
  8. Grow a modern help and training site
  9. Run live classes
  10. Roll out daily tips campaigns
  11. Hold Q&A sessions
  12. Provide in-context one click help
  13. Launch the digital adoption process
  14. Gather the most important metrics

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