What's New In VisualSP - October 10, 2017

Posted by Ricky Spears on Oct 10, 2017

We've added two new features to VisualSP Online and nearly two dozen new Help Items.

The newest feature in VisualSP Online is Link to a Help Item. Simply click on the Link icon beside any help item. A special link to the current page you are on will be copied to your clipboard. When you send that link to someone else, it will take the user to that page and also launch the associated VisualSP Help Item. How much time will that save your Help Desk?! Here's a video so you can see it in action...



It's now easier to see if your browser has been activated and the contact information for the activated user.


Over the past couple weeks, we've added 22 new Help Items for Microsoft Forms, OneDrive, Microsoft Teams, and VisualSP Online Management:

  • Microsoft Forms
    • Creating a Form (Web Page)
    • Microsoft Forms Walk-Thru (Walk-thru)
    • Microsoft Forms Overview (Web Page)
  • Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive
    • Synchronizing files with your computer (Video)
    • Searching for documents (Video)
    • Moving files around in OneDrive (Video)
    • Managing links to documents (Video)
    • Keeping track of document changes by others (Video)
    • How to use the version history (Video)
    • Deleting and retrieving deleted documents (Video)
    • Creating and editing documents (Video)
    • Adding documents and folders from your computer (Video)
    • Getting started with OneDrive for Business (Video)
  • Microsoft Teams
    • Interacting with Teams (Walk-Thru)
    • Creating and adding Teams (Walk-Thru)
    • Teams Walk-Thru (Walk-Thru)
  • VisualSP Online Management App
    • You can change the VisualSP branding (Annotated Screenshot)
    • Import allowed users and block all others (Video)
    • Import blocked users list (Video)
    • Export user lists (Video)
    • Manage users (Video)
    • Export analytics reports (Video)


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