What is VisualSP?

Posted by Michael Blonder on May 01, 2020

The VisualSP help system is software as a service. We sell the help system as an annual subscription. The VisualSP help system is designed to help organizations with 50 employees or more be more productive and increase return on investment (ROI) on web platforms for office automation. 

Healthy Productivity depends on enthusiastic personnel spending as much of their work time as possible completing tasks. The VisualSP help system provides personnel with a way to get the tech help they need directly within the web platform computing experience. In other words, they do not have to exit work to search for help. The VisualSP help system content, once it is localized for a specific organization, contains the tech help personnel are searching for outside of the work computing experience. They get the help they need faster. End result? They are also more enthusiastic because they aren’t struggling to understand how to use the tools included in our customer’s web platform. 

what is visualsp

Bolting on VisualSP to our customer’s web platform also increases ROI. Once VisualSP is installed and personnel have been introduced to it, IT support experiences a reduction in “how to” support calls. There is also, typically, a reduction in the burden of introducing personnel to new features of a customer’s web platform. This latter reduction results from deployment of on-screen user guides (VisualSP Walkthroughs) in lieu of scheduled one on one meetings between IT support and personnel using the web platforms. 

The VisualSP help system can also be used to inform personnel of important announcements and to alert them about company or organization policies they need to follow. Unlike the usual process of sending personnel information via email messages, with the VisualSP help system messages can be published to appear automatically on personnel computer screens. Freed from the confines of the email inbox (AKA “the fire hose”) these messages are much more effective with the result personnel reduce the number of errors they may innocently make, again boosting their enthusiasm. 

Globally more than 1.5 million users of Microsoft’s SharePoint and Microsoft 365 products are using VisualSP. What about yours?

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