Webinar: Organizational Change Management - Migrating Your Users Along With Your Systems

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Jul 09, 2019

So you have decided to migrate to the new version of SharePoint or Office 365. That's great! But what about your end users? Are they ready for the change?

Organizational change management comes from behavior change of employees. Employees of your company need to understand What's in it for them. 

Webinar July 25th - 11:00 AM PST


Organizations around the world have been discovering that to realize their return on investment, they must take into account how they migrate their users along with their systems - No end user left behind!

User adoption is not possible without clearly defining that for your users so they want to use the structures you have created. Anything less would be a waste of time - yours as well as theirs. 

  • Asif will be discussing real-life case studies as well as showing samples of companies that were able to migrate their systems while successfully supporting their users throughout the process.
  • He will be sharing the exact strategies that were used in these multinational corporations to facilitate user adoption successfully.
  • And he'll also share his experiences from years as a professional trainer
  • You'll also discover how people learn new behaviors

Attend this webinar and we'll show you strategies that have worked with organizations around the world as they deal with organizational changes and prepare their users for their new processes and systems.

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