VisualSP Online Gets 3 New Updates

Posted by Jordan Vanderlugt on Mar 27, 2018

To make tasks simpler and easier for VisualSP subscription administrators, 3 new updates have been added to VisualSP Online:

  • The Site Collection Installer tool is now directly accessible under the Manage Subscription tab;
  • Scopes column is added to the Help Items Explorer;
  • And Customization Status column is added to the Help Items Explorer.

It has now been made easier for subscription administrators to add the VisualSP Help System to new sites and more flexible to manage Help Items in the Help Items Explorer.

1.   The Site Collection Installer tool is now under the Manage Subscription tab

It used to take administrators a few more clicks among the help articles to find the Site Collection Installer tool. The new location of the download button makes the applicable tasks much more convenient.

image_Site Collection Installer button.png

With this update, the download link is featured right under the Manage Subscription tab. All you have to do is click on the top right Menu, select Manage My Subscription, under the Subscription tab; you will see the Install Application button under the Site Collection Installer tab. Click the button to download and run the Site Collection Installer tool.

2.   Scopes column is added to the Help Items Explorer

This update makes it easier to sort Help Items by Scope and find where each item resides. The tasks of adding, removing, or moving Help Items across different Scopes have been simplified.

image_Scopes column.png

From the top right menu, select Manage My Subscription, click on the Help Items tab, and you will find the Scopes column in the Help Items Explorer.

The newly added column lists all the SharePoint Scopes in which a particular Help Item is featured. The list is in comma delimited format.

3.   Customization Status column is added to the Help Items Explorer

This update gives you the ability to quickly know which Help Items came native in VisualSP Online, which native Help Items have been modified, and which Help Items have been created and imported in the system by your organization. The Revert to Original functionality allows you to discards any unwanted changes.

image_Customization Status column.png

Again in the Help Items Explorer, find the Customization Status column. The column lists the source of a Help Item: System Generated, Modified Copy, or Custom:

  • System Generated describes Help Items that are native, out-of-the box, created by the VisualSP team;
  • Modified Copy describes System Generated Help Items to which changes have been made;
  • And Custom describes Help Items that you, as a VisualSP Online administrator, has created and imported in the system.

Another place to see if a Help Item is a Modified Copy is under the Help Item tab.

image_Revert to Original button.png

Open the VisualSP Online tab, click on Add Help Item, under the VisualSP Online Help System Management tab, then under the Help Item tab,  select the Help Item from the applicable App Scope list. Right on top of the Help Item properties, you will see a notification that says "Modified Copy". If you choose to discard all the changes and to revert the Help Item back to its native status as a System Generated Help Item, next to the notification description, click on the Revert to Original button.

With the quick access to the Site Collection Installer tool and the ability to intuitively manage Helps Items, as a VisualSP Online subscription administrator, your tasks have been given a little more simplicity and control.

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