VisualSP Earned 8 Badges On G2 for Winter 2023

Posted by The VisualSP Team on Dec 19, 2022

Every season, the independent business software review site G2 awards badges to companies based on their own customer reviews. This winter 2023, VisualSP was awarded 8 badges altogether.

Badges earned were:

  1. Easiest Setup
  2. Users Most Likely To Recommend
  3. Best Est. ROI
  4. High Performer
  5. Easiest To Do Business With
  6. Best Support
  7. Best Meets Requirements
  8. Easiest Admin

G2 badges earned by VisualSP in Winter 2023-1

You can read for yourself all of the reviews posted on G2 by customers of VisualSP. 

We will continue to innovate on behalf of our customers to solve their pain points.

If you are looking for a digital adoption platform that delivers contextual microlearning to your users to increase user adoption and decrease support tickets, reach out to us and let's talk! 



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