Use VisualSP Premium’s "auto show on load" feature to introduce employees to your new procedures

Posted by Michael Blonder on May 24, 2020

With VisualSP Premium’s "Auto Show On Load" feature IT Support is freed from having to schedule one-on-one meetings to introduce employees to your new procedures. The feature can be used to get rid of this time-consuming requirement by replacing it with a weekly “tips campaign”. When the campaign is built & deployed employees will not have to do anything to watch a step by step presentation of the new procedure. An introduction to the procedures will automatically “play” for them when they land on a targeted page in your web platform.

What’s the value of the time saved?

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For a large organization the answer is likely to be “considerable”. One of our customers, a global management consulting business supports over 300K employees with a network of 80K SharePoint Site Collection Administrators. This organization used VisualSP Classic to reduce the time required to train each of these people from 2.5 hours to .75 hours. Assuming an hourly cost per employee of $100.00 (including benefits), we are talking about a savings of $12 million. 

It may make sense for your organization to continue to schedule meetings so IT Support can introduce new procedures. But try supporting these resource-costly events with a “tips campaign” to do a better job of driving home the key points with only one required meeting. Eventually your team may find a way to dispense with the meeting altogether.

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