Upcoming Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365 and Power Platform conferences in Fall 2022

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Sep 09, 2022

In person conferences are finally starting up again and a whole bunch of them are going to be taking place in fall 2022.

I'm writing this article to give you a taste of the ones that are coming up that I’ll be going to and a bit of an inside look from my past experiences attending these conferences.

DynamicsCon live – Sept 14-16 in San Antonio, TX

The DynamicsCon live conference taking place soon in San Antonio is going to have separate tracks for each Microsoft Dynamics 365 modules - Business Central, Customer Engagement, Finance and Operations, GP and Power Platform.

This is going to be my first time at this conference. I'll be presenting in the CE track my session on “Increasing user adoption in Dynamics 365 using contextual experiences”.

This conference is run by the Dynamics user group. Even though this is my first in person conference with them, I have interacted with them at the virtual DynamicsCon conference that they hold twice a year. An extremely engaging and “dynamic” group of people.

Expected attendance at this conference: around 400 attendees.

Power Platform Conference – Sept 20 – 22 in Orlando, FL

Even though Power Platform sessions have been part of many conferences in the past, this is the first official Power Platform conference co-produced by Microsoft and a third-party conference organizer that has done tons of these types of Microsoft conferences in the past - same folks that produce the Microsoft 365 conference that usually takes place in Las Vegas.

Since this is the official first Power Platform conference, no one can claim to be at the last one of course . Having said that, my expectation is that it's going to be similar to the Microsoft 365 conference since it's the same organizer but will have a huge presence of Microsoft speakers as you can see on the speakers page.

I will be presenting my Dynamics 365 user adoption session here as well. On top of that, our company, VisualSP, will also have a booth at the conference so if you are here, be sure to stop by and say hi .

Expected attendance at this conference: around 3,000 attendees.

365 EduCon Chicago – Sept 26 – 30 in Chicago, IL

This one's going to be in my hometown Chicago. And finally, it's going to be in a month where we can enjoy the outside weather. Thank you EduCon organizers for not holding it in December as it was done in the past. Not a great month to visit Chicago unless you love snow.

Just in case you are not familiar with this conference, the “EduCon” brand is the evolution of the “Fest” brand - SP Fest - which had been around for more than a decade.

This is the first time that this conference will also have Power Platform sessions in addition to Microsoft 365 content. In addition to that, there will be a few Dynamics 365 sessions as well presented by me and possibly a few other folks - yet to be confirmed.

The sessions that I'm conducting at this conference are:
  • Introduction to Dynamics 365 for the Microsoft 365 Guy / Gal
  • 5 steps to driving sustainable SharePoint and Office 365 adoption
  • Increase user adoption in Dynamics 365 with contextualized support

Our company will also have a booth at this conference so come by if you can.

The EduCon events are localized so you will see a lot of folks from Midwest at this conference but don't get me wrong, there will definitely be people from other parts of the country as well.

Expected attendance at this conference: around 500 attendees.

Dynamics Community Summit North America – Oct 10 – 13 in Orlando, FL

This is probably the biggest Dynamics 365 focused conference if not in the world at least in the United States. Last time I went to it in 2021, even during the height of COVID, they attracted 2,000+ attendees somehow.

The sessions are arranged in Dynamics 365 module tracks and then sub tracks underneath them. For example, Dynamics 365 CE/CRM has sub tracks for sales, marketing, security, service, etc.

If you are focused on Dynamics 365 or looking to get deeper into that community, this is a not to be missed conference for sure. If you do decide to come, visit our VisualSP booth there .

Expected attendance at this conference: around 3,000 attendees.

DevLearn – Oct 26 – 28 in Las Vegas, NV

This is not a Microsoft product focused conference. This one is focused on the technologies in learning. An extremely important topic as we figure out hybrid and blended forms of learning to provide our employees around the world.

I presented at the sister conference to this one called Learning Solutions Conference earlier this year in Orlando. While that conference focused on the various solutions in the learning space, this one, dev learned, is going to be more focused on the technologies used to provide learning solutions.

I'm conducting a couple of sessions here:
  • The Evolution of Microlearning: Contextual Microlearning
  • Designing Blended Learning

If you are reading this and you happen to be deeply entrenched in the Microsoft world like I am, but are also interested in the user adoption and learning space, I would highly encourage you to visit this conference as well. You will get lots of great ideas on increasing user adoption, while reducing support tickets and user frustration.

Expected attendance at this conference: around 400 attendees

And there you have it. The five conferences that I'm attending this fall 2022.

Honestly, after conducting and being part of virtual conferences during the deep COVID era, it's a relief to see all of these in person conference opportunities. Having been to some in person conferences already in this past year, I have to say that you will not regret your decision of attending a conference in person. Virtual conferences just don't cut it. Until the metaverse arrives, this is our best bet to truly immerse ourselves and learn as well as network with our peers.

Hope to see you there!


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