VisualSP - Info on End User Adoption, Support and Governance

Lots of recorded webinars on improving SharePoint and Office 365 adoption

Posted by Asif Rehmani

Every month we run a webinar with one person who is an expert on a topic such as user adoption, governance, policy communication, end user training and support, etc. 

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Topics: SharePoint User Adoption, Office 365 User Adoption, SharePoint ROI, Onboarding, Digital Adoption, Change Management

What is VisualSP and How Does It Drive SharePoint User Adoption?

Posted by Michael Blonder

VisualSP is our flagship SaaS product that provides context sensitive help to users at their moment of need. The short paragraphs below explain what VisualSP is, how it works, and why it is a digital adoption tool that has become essential to modern digital workplaces.

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Topics: VisualSP, VisualSP Help System, SharePoint Help, in-context help, Training, SharePoint Training, Office 365 Training, SharePoint ROI, Compliance, Onboarding, Digital Adoption, Digital Transformation, migration, Change Management

Webinar: Organizational Change Management - Migrating Your Users Along With Your Systems

Posted by Asif Rehmani

So you have decided to migrate to the new version of SharePoint or Office 365. That's great! But what about your end users? Are they ready for the change?

Organizational change management comes from behavior change of employees. Employees of your company need to understand What's in it for them. 

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Topics: Change Management

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