SharePoint Adoption Kills Productivity Unless...

Posted by Alex Brown on Nov 20, 2015

SharePoint administrators understand the myriad ways that the platform can improve productivity. But did you know that installing a SharePoint solution can actually stifle productivity so much that end users abandon the platform altogether? Have you already experienced that? What a waste of all that licensed user money!

Productivity Roadblocks

Productivity can be stalled in various ways when end users don't have SharePoint mastery. Look at these scenarios:

  • The marketing team is collaborating on the next big campaign. One member is holding up a virtual meeting because she doesn't know how to quickly find the appropriate document version in SharePoint that was shared the previous week. The meeting runs over, preventing one of the attendees from moving to an important training class on time, where he misses an important point made early in the session.
  • A sales manager is explaining the targeting strategy for the northeast sales team. Although he explains which company profiles should be targeted for sales calls, he doesn't explain how to filter and sort contact data quickly in SharePoint, so the team must scan the entire list for targeted prospects. When the sales agents return to their desks, they move slowly through a large list of contacts. Fewer daily calls are made because he isn't aware of how to modify the list view and share publicly among the sales team.
  • Multiple employees are working on a training document for new hires. There is a tight deadline for a final version so, because of the immediate need, the document file is being edited by multiple users at the same time. Version control becomes unwieldy and critical updates go missing on the final draft. The document becomes approved without a key insertion because the HR leader could not figure out how to edit check in/checkout parameters.

Does SharePoint productivity need to suffer? No! How could these scenarios be avoided? With Just-in-Time Learning™ capabilities.

The Ultimate SharePoint Productivity Hack

Just-in-Time Learning refers to a dynamic set of how-to tutorials enabled by helpful icons throughout the SharePoint interface. When an Info icon is clicked or tapped, a popup appears with instructional cop, images or a native video.


Now, SharePoint end users don't have to delay productivity in order to decipher tasks. Just-in-time learning improves productivity because it enables end users to learn for themselves when and where they need to. They don't need to call a help desk, they don't need to search third-party sources like Google or YouTube; support is right there while they are working.

The major benefit to just-in-time learning for most enterprises is that users learn by doing. Workflows are improved, collaboration is enhanced, compliance is strengthened, and employee morale is boosted when users can accomplish tasks with ease. SharePoint doesn't need to kill your company's productivity. You just have to find the right tools to empower your users to learn as they work.

Learn more about why Just-in-Time Learning and "performance support" makes sense for SharePoint end users in our free whitepaper, Performance Support: The Way to Make SharePoint Training Stick.

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