SharePoint 2016 Improves Your Business Output With Four Key Benefits

Posted by Alex Brown on Oct 10, 2017

VisualSP founder and CEO Asif Rehmani wrote an article for CMSWire a while back on the virtues of migrating to SharePoint 2016. He explains that, while investment in any technology comes with challenges and issues, a move to SharePoint 2016 is a good one from a business output perspective.

He writes “As in any industry, ‘new’ is not always ‘better’. But SharePoint 2016 is definitely an improvement over every previous version.”

Asif then goes on to discuss four benefits to moving your organization to SharePoint 2016:

  1. Higher productivity
  2. Improved performance
  3. Better data control
  4. Seamless user experience


In the article, he writes about mobile synchronization, durable links, and site folders, which help improve productivity through tighter collaboration. MinRoles and Zero Downtime Patching are provided as examples of improved performance features. Asif also discusses OneDrive Redirection and other user-experience features.

If you would like to read Asif’s take on SharePoint 2016–and why a migration makes sense–click to the article here.

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