“Our work from home platform is Microsoft Office 365, why should we buy VisualSP rather than an Online Guides only solution for our organization?”

Posted by Michael Blonder on Apr 27, 2020

Both VisualSP and its Online Guides only solution competitors provide information directly within the context of Office 365 computing. But the big difference with VisualSP is the content. Once you activate an annual subscription for VisualSP for Office 365 you not only get the ability to provide information to your personnel directly where you want them to see it in Office 365, you also get the tech help content they need to successfully complete Office 365 computing tasks.  This tech help content, when Microsoft Learning Pathways content is included in your order, amounts to over 1.5K help items. 

How long would it take someone from your team, or an outside resource to create 1.5K help items? A month, two months, perhaps even three months of fulltime work would likely be required to duplicate the content included with an annual subscription to VisualSP for Office 365.

At an hourly cost of $100 (this cost estimate includes base compensation plus benefits at most Fortune 1000 businesses) a month of lead time spent creating content will cost your organization $16K. Two months of content creation time amounts to an added cost (on top of your annual subscription to an online guides only solution for the same purpose) of $32K. 

What happens to your bottom line when these additional (one time) costs are rolled into your annual subscription? A glance at the Pricing Page on our web site indicates a monthly cost of $ .83 per user per month for an annual subscription to VisualSP for Office 365 for 500 users. If we assume an online guides only solution will cost your organization at least twenty five (25) percent more per user per month, which amounts to $1.04 per user per month, then the one time cost to develop comparable content will add $5.33 per user per month to your year one cost – in other words the cost difference is substantial.

But the cost savings represented by a decision to purchase an annual subscription to VisualSP don’t stop with simply eliminating the cost of creating the content. What about the cost of sorting the content into each of the applications of Office 365, including all of the scopes offered by SharePoint Online? Shall we estimate this cost at, say, ¼ of a month for a full-time resource? If we are on the same page, then let’s add an additional $4,000 cost to our estimate, amounting to another $ .67 per month for our 500 user example. $ .83 vs $7.04 per month for year one should be a game changer. 

Since VisualSP has not only built the in-context delivery system, but also assembled the content and sorted it (curation is the term used for this activity these days) across Office 365 applications including SharePoint Online scopes, the likelihood of high quality support is greater than would be the case for an online guides only solution not responsible for the content. How long will it take for them to provide support for content? Will they be able to do this? Or will you need to work with multiple vendors to get the quality of support you expect and deserve. 

All of the above points should prompt some thinking. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you see the benefits of our offer. 

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