DIY tech videos for SharePoint go very well with VisualSP

Posted by Michael Blonder on Apr 08, 2015

On March 31, 2015, Redmond Magazine published an article written by Greg Shields from PluralSight. The title of Greg's article is The Case for DIY User Training.

As I see it, Greg uses this short essay to communicate a position about technical training videos. He describes the technical training video as a comparatively inexpensive method, easily accomplished by one individual without recourse to a production studio, which is well suited for the task of providing technology consumers with something surprisingly important, meaning the training they need to be successful with the techology we produce and then ask them to use. He sums it up in a short couple of sentences:

"And yet in all my travels and all my conversations, there's this standout idea that I find regularly gets omitted: training.

Not our training. We talk about that all the time. Rather, theirs. Actually training our users on the technologies they're forced to use."

Asif Rehmani, our CEO has long championed the effort to increase the use of video tutorials as the best method of providing a unique group of technology consumers -- Gartner's "Citizen Developers" -- with the technical information they need to be successful using the applications they can pay dearly to use. So Greg's points sound very familiar around VisualSP(R).

Our VisualSP(tm) help system for SharePoint was built to provide an optimum method of exposing video training content directly to SharePoint users via a tab in the SharePoint 2010 or 2013 ribbon labeled "Help". We include over 100 of our own video tutorials on SharePoint in this help system. But a point most of our customers understand, and any other interested parties should keep in mind is the usefulness of the system as a method of exposing Greg's DIY technical videos directly to communities of technology users in the very same way.

If you would like to learn more about what we think about Greg's points and how our help system can be a useful method of exposing original, organization-specific DIY video tutorials on SharePoint to groups of users, please contact us.

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