Lots of recorded webinars on improving SharePoint and Office 365 adoption

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Sep 25, 2019

Every month we run a webinar with one person who is an expert on a topic such as user adoption, governance, policy communication, end user training and support, etc. 

Webinars include topics such as:

  • Methods of real-time compliance and policy adoption 
  • What to prepare for when migrating to a new platform 
  • Treating adoption like a service instead of a project 
  • Understanding your users and providing them help instead of just regular training 
  • What can you do to have the technology really stick
  • and a whole lot more... 

Comments and topic suggestions are always welcomed so use the comments field below to let us know what other topics to you would be interested in.

All webinars are free to watch and learn from. No gated page where you have to put your info in order to watch the webinar. Enjoy!

Watch the webinars

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Topics: SharePoint User Adoption, Office 365 User Adoption, SharePoint ROI, Onboarding, Digital Adoption, Change Management

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