Recorded Webinar: Teach A Man to Use VisualSP, You Help Him For A Lifetime

Posted by Kevin Ells on Jun 06, 2019

Thoroughly training SharePoint and Office 365 end users is an expensive waste of their time and yours! Instead, provide users the context sensitive, on-demand help they need when and where they need it most - while performing their tasks.



Recorded  Webinar

Join us for this recorded webinar as we share why traditional training methods like workshops, classroom, computer based training and even the built-in SharePoint and Office 365 help isn’t the best way to effectively support your users.

  • Discover how over 2 million end users worldwide are utilizing the VisualSP Context Sensitive Help System technology.
  • We'll share proven strategies to eliminate support phone calls and emails, freeing your team to once again focus on productivity, not frustration.
  • Our solution will help your users on-demand, exactly when they need it and we'll demonstrate how by showing VisualSP in action with real-world scenarios within SharePoint and Office 365.

Presented by
Asif Rehmani, Microsoft MVP
Kevin Ells, Marketing Strategist - VisualSP


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