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Posted by Asif Rehmani on May 04, 2022

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to present my learning in the flow of work session at the Learning Solutions conference in Orlando. If you are not aware, this conference is completely centered around learning and development of employees.

L&D folks from around the world attend this conference every year. The topics of the conference this time included:
Blended learning models, learning management technologies, principles of learning leadership, future of work, instructional design, etc.

I got the opportunity to meet in person with Bob Mosher - one of the fathers of the 5 Moments of Need methodology. In fact, he attended the session I delivered at the conference which was quite the honor.

From being a part of the conversations at the conference, one theme was prevalent: Information workers around the world are not satisfied with the current learning and support options they have available and this is a contributing factor for many to look for other opportunities.

Another theme that was also very apparent at the conference: leading with traditional training options for training and supporting employees is not the way forward. If we want to retain the talent, we must innovate our learning technologies.

In my session, I discussed the fact that traditional macrolearning models such as long training sessions and deep courses on learning management systems are not enough to help employees at the moment of need.

Instead, a blend of learning models including orientation sessions, regular process refreshers as well as contextual microlearning works best when looking to enhance the employee experience.

Here is one of the slides from my presentation that shows the typical employee learner journey.

I put a Lot of details in the notes section of every slide I produce to explain each concept I present. If you are interested in digging deeper in this area, here is the direct link to my complete slide deck with thorough notes at the bottom of each slide that tells the complete story. Hope it's helpful. Feedback and questions are always welcomed.

Download My Slides

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