Learning in the Flow of Work - In Action!

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Sep 08, 2021

I recently conducted a webinar where I demonstrated how a combination of a Learning Management System, Knowledge Hub and a Digital Coach can be used for a blended or hybrid learning solution for employees.

The main goal of the webinar was to show what Learning in the Flow of Work really looks like in Action and how it helps users get their job done without stopping their work to get support or training.

Webinar: Learning in the Flow of Work

In this webinar, I shared an example of onboarding, training and supporting a new employee, Jamie, who has joined a company (Contoso Corp) in a remote/virtual salesperson position. Jamie is new to the company and new to the technologies being used by the company, but she is not new to the position of a salesperson. In fact, she is an experienced salesperson.

In my demonstrations, I talked through and showed various examples of the 5 Moments of Need that Jamie experiences and how she is supported by a Digital Coach, LMS and Knowledge Hub through these moments.

5 Moments of Need for Employees

  1. New to the company and the technologies
  2. Digging in and learning more
  3. Applying what has been learned
  4. Problem solving as new situations arise
  5. Responding to changes in the organization


I hope being able to visualize Learning in the Flow of Work in action is helpful to you. 

Topics: Learning Management System, contextual microlearning

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