New in VisualSP Online: View All Help Items in One Place with Help Item Explorer

Posted by Ricky Spears on Jan 23, 2018

When your end users are humming along and efficiently completing tasks because of the great custom help items you have been creating, you will likely be motivated to provide even more step-by-step guidance.

Now that you have a substantial bank of help items, how do you plan to manage all of the content? The answer is VisualSP Online’s new Help Item Explorer Tool. This new feature provides a report style layout to quickly and easily view all of your help items across all of your scopes in one convenient location.

Watch our short video to learn how to find and use the Help Items Explorer Tool and all of the ways this will improve your help content management.

Topics: VisualSP Help System, VisualSP Online Help System, VisualSP Online Updates

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