Have Your Forms Pop up to Users Wherever They Are in Their Own Environment

Posted by Asif Rehmani on May 27, 2021

How do we get our users to fill out important forms that we want (and need) them to fill out on a regular and timely basis? This is always a pain since emails and messages many times go unnoticed and ignored by users. Well, there's a better way! Show users your forms directly in context of their own environment wherever they are.


Using VisualSP, you can show your forms, quizzes and anything else for that matter to your users wherever they are within their own environment. Whether they are in your vacation booking tool, in Dynamics 365 creating a contact, in their OneDrive looking for a document, on your intranet browsing news… wherever they are, they can be surfaced the information such as a form like this to get their attention.

The above video shows the experience from a user's perspective and how they would see the form as a pop up in their own environment. What is not displayed in the video is how it is all set up. That part of it is also super simple since all you are doing within the VisualSP help system is creating a new help item and configuring it to automatically show to your users in all of their web applications.

Want to find out more and see exactly how this is done? Register for our next weekly demo or contact us and we will show it to you. Also bring along other questions you have. We are here to help. 

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