Dynamics 365 - Configure Free Context Sensitive Training and Support for Your Users

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Jul 20, 2022

Microsoft Dynamics 365 took center stage yesterday in Satya Nadella's Microsoft Inspire keynote.

Satya Nadella talking about Dynamics 365 at the MS Inspire keynote

Dynamics 365 has enormous potential and it has already started to catch fire 🔥.

Having said that, one Big challenge that not many people are talking about is the fact that Dynamics 365 users really struggle to come up to speed and understand how to use the interface effectively. On top of that, the interface keeps changing with Microsoft releasing updates twice a year as well as changes made by their own organizations. The mechanism to continuously train, support and inform users effectively is a requirement. Otherwise, forget about user adoption.

The default built-in help is generic and targeted towards Dynamics 365 admins.

The good news is that you can turn on the custom help panes and guided tasks functionality to provide context sensitive information to users in Dynamics 365 - at no cost. This will for sure help with increasing user adoption while reducing user frustration and support tickets.

The custom help panes and guided tasks functionality in Dynamics 365

If you have not heard of this functionality and don't know how to get started, no worries. I got you covered.

Here's an in-depth article describing:

  1. What is the custom help panes and guided tasks functionality
  2. How to enable and maintain it
  3. The pros and cons of the functionality

Read the Article

I'm a big believer in providing users the information they need at their moment of need, in context of their environment and in the flow of their work wherever they are. I believe the custom panes and guided tasks functionality built into Microsoft Dynamics 365 definitely helps with this need.

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