Change the name of the VisualSP tab to your Intranet name so employees can relate to it

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Dec 08, 2020


Personalize the VisualSP tab for your intranet and get both business and technical help to your employees at their moment of need.

By default, the VisualSP tab on a SharePoint based intranet labeled "SharePoint help". You don't have to limit it to just providing SharePoint technical help. The reality is that once you deploy VisualSP to your intranet, your users will use this tab for any and all questions they have for the intranet such as looking for their benefits, how to file a leave of absence, looking for specific info on terms, etc.

You can easily change the name of the tab to reflect your unique company intranet name. That way, your employees can relate to the tab and feel comfortable going to it when they have any questions while they are browsing your intranet - whether it's business related or technical in nature.

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