365 EduCon Dallas in August

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Jul 06, 2022

Have you been to an in-person conference lately?

If you haven't, let me recommend an upcoming event you should consider: 365 EduCon conference in Dallas (August 8 to 12). Before I tell you more about the event, here is a discount code for you: VisualSP. You can use this to get 15% off your registration.

365 EduCon Dallas

365 EduCon is one of my favorite regional conferences. It is held yearly in Dallas, Chicago, Seattle, and Washington, D.C.

The conference used to be just SharePoint focused. Now it's focus is on the entire stack of Microsoft 365, Power Platform (as well as Dynamics 365) and Azure related topics. Makes complete sense because that's exactly where Microsoft is headed. If you want to make the best decisions for your organization using the Microsoft stack of technologies effectively, this is the conference to be at to get all the latest news and guidance.

EduCon by the numbers

When at an in-person conference, I love chatting with attendees on the event floor to understand why they decided to come. What I have heard from attendees of 365 EduCon is that in addition to the sessions, they really appreciate getting their own questions answered directly from the speakers at the Ask Me Anything answer desk as well as in-between coffee breaks. A definite plus!

I will be a speaker at this conference also and looking forward to delivering the following four sessions:
  • 5 steps for driving sustainable Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint user adoption
  • Deploy Microsoft Learning Pathways to get the best use out of Microsoft 365
  • Learning in the flow of work: providing learning just-in-time instead of just-in-case
  • Create a single destination for your learner's needs with Viva Learning
The agenda for this conference is packed with sessions on areas such as the Power Platform bootcamp, creating the information architecture for your SharePoint intranet, understanding if Microsoft Viva is appropriate for your organization, unlocking the benefits of the entire stack of Microsoft 365 apps, exploring the Dataverse and how it connects the Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 ecosystems and much much more. I bet you'll find several topic areas that you're interested in.

If you plan on attending, use the code VisualSP at registration and you'll get 15% off the ticket price.

Hope you can join me and my other speaker friends at the conference. I've been speaking at this conference for a decade now so if you have any questions about the conference itself or any specific topics, reply to this email and let me know if I can help.

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