Learn about how to Enhance End-to-End Team Collaboration in SharePoint

Presentation by Christian Buckley


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Office 365 and SharePoint out-of-the-box can provide teams with a strong baseline for collaboration, but many organizations find themselves building and customizing solutions to meet the unique requirements of their business. In other words, they’re “Productivity Hacking” the platform.

In this webinar, Office Servers and Services MVP Christian Buckley will discuss some of those productivity gaps, outlining user experience (UX) design principles that may inspire attendees to re-examine their own and customer UX scenarios, using this knowledge to better “fill in” the gaps in their productivity story. While not every productivity hack attempted will be a polished and complete solution, the goal is to encourage attendees think about the end-to-end user experience, and help them walk away with ideas for improving collaboration within their own organizations.