Webinar - Make SharePoint Work for You! - July 16, 2015

Posted by Asif Rehmani on Jul 14, 2015

How focused is your organization in getting actual usage out of the SharePoint platform?

14 years have passed since I first learned the word 'SharePoint' - then started consulting first and then training on it. One thing has still not changed since the first project I was on doing some 'SharePoint work':

So many organizations still treat SharePoint as 'plug and play' software.

The SharePoint platform is many things, but IMO, it is very far from 'plug and play'. It's like saying: We'll give everyone Microsoft Windows and let them experiment with building their own software on it. They'll figure it out. Well, people do figure something out for sure. However, the experiment process meanwhile creates chaos in the organization. More often than not, organizations either start over with a fresh installation and databases or give up on the platform altogether.

In the webinar that I'll be conducting this Thursday, July 16th, I will go through a list of concrete steps and actions you can take to limit chaos in your organization and put some best practices in motion. I don't have a single silver bullet I can give you that will solve All your SharePoint adoption problems (in fact, if one exists and you know about it, I'm a Very interested buyer :-) ) Instead, I will provide you with several 'copper bullets' which I have gathered from my experience over the years. Things such as:

  • A thorough SharePoint end users training is a waste of time
  • An influential executive can successfully model best practices behavior for others such as stopping to accept emails with too many attachments
  • Lunch and learns are great, but not when the 'SharePoint guru' in the company is 'the trainer'
  • Having power users in departments build no-code solutions can positively affect adoption
    And much much more.
  • If executed properly, the ideas in this webinar can have a remarkable effect on getting end users to actually use the SharePoint environment effectively.

Join me this Thursday, July 16th at 12pm Eastern time in this webinar. Hope to see you there! 


Webinar Recording Now Available


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