VisualSP adds a consumer feel to SharePoint end user training

Posted by Michael Blonder on Mar 31, 2015

On March 27, 2015, Erika Morphy published a post on a new workforce training solution from Oracle. The title of Morphy's post is Oracle Gives Workforce Learning a Consumer Feel.

When I read this post I could not help but reflect on how this "Oracle Learning Cloud" looks a lot like our VisualSP(tm) Help System for SharePoint.

Morphy describes how this solution from Oracle sets the stage so "employees can learn contextually and socially, wherever they are located". She goes on to explain "Oracle claims its approach is different from the methods typical in traditional learning management systems. Traditionally, these systems are prescriptive, usually delivering information in a silo."

Her comments, in fact, could also be applied to VisualSP. The tab our solution creates in the SharePoint ribbon provides the opportunity to "learn contextually". When help is required for any of scopes in SharePoint, the VisualSP Help tab is there to expose scope centric "how to" technical content to the user. With VisualSP there is no need for the user to depart from the SharePoint computing environment to visit a training silo, regardless of whether it is in the form of an LMS, or anything else.

Though Morphy does not describe the particular type of content exposed to personnel by the Oracle Learning Cloud, as I mentioned above, she does talk about the "anywhere" accessibility of the content. The video tutorials which make up the bulk of the content we include with our VisualSP Help System, out-of-the-box, if I may say so, are an excellent example of the type content accessible from PCs, tablets, and even mobile smart phones. In other words, our content is truly accessible anywhere, assuming someone uses a device with one of today's modern web browsers.

Morphy's article is certainly worth a read if you have a few moments to spare. If you would like to learn more about how our VisualSP Help System can help you add your own "consumer feel" to SharePoint, please do not hesitate to let us know.




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