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SharePoint Server 2016: What's in it for Me? Webinar with Microsoft's Bill Baer

Posted by Alex Brown

For those of you wondering if a migration to SharePoint 2016 makes sense, we've got the inside scoop. VisualSP is teaming up with Bill Baer to explain the benefits of this latest release, the investments Microsoft has made to improve SharePoint, and why a migration might make sense for your organization. We are hosting Bill on February 22, 2017, 12 – 1:00pm EST, live on the web.

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Topics: SharePoint Adoption, sharepoint implementation, SharePoint Server 2016

Six Indirect Costs of Poor SharePoint Implementation

Posted by Alex Brown

CFOs, CTOs, and CIOs often think of the primary direct costs when they evaluate their SharePoint-related IT budgets: user licenses, server maintenance, consultants, training, support desks, etc. For some, there will be several direct cost centers associated with implementation. But many overlook the indirect costs associated with a poor SharePoint implementation.

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Topics: SharePoint Adoption, sharepoint implementation

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