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The Answer for Lackluster Office 365 SharePoint Online Adoption

Posted by Asif Rehmani

Is your company facing slow SharePoint adoption? The answer is not an overworked support desk or hiring a training consultant. The answer lies in a versatile inline, in-context tool. 


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Topics: VisualSP, SharePoint Adoption, Office 365

VisualSP's SharePoint Help App Improves Small Business Productivity

Posted by Asif Rehmani

My experience with SharePoint has shown me that users are often introduced to the platform without any training or formal communication process to drive internal adoption. For medium and large enterprises, early adoption without training protocols or in-context help is a problem. For small businesses, without the time, resources and budget to facilitate such training, the issue is even more problematic. Making the investment in Office 365 without fully deploying the SharePoint Online environment means underutilization of a critical productivity tool.

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Topics: VisualSP Help System, SharePoint Adoption, Office 365

OneDrive personal files interface coming to Office 365 Group files

Posted by Asif Rehmani

Announced today by Christophe Fiessinger from Microsoft - The cool looking OneDrive files management interface is coming to Office 365 Groups. Some folks will already see this right away. Others will see it within the next couple of months.

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